Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Award Updates!

Hi All! 

I hope everyone is having a great week! Today I want to make sure I thanks and share all the wonderful bloggers that passed award to me!! I know they think I forgot about them But I didn't! 

Cute Award!

Kelly at Base Coat Top Coat and Kia at Nails N' Cupcakes Gave me the Cute Award! I love that they thought of me for this! Thank you so much!! I love both of these blogs so much you must go see!!

 Glitter Badge!

The Talented and Awesome Kelly at Base Coat Top Coat Graced me with this Award!  Thankyou Kelly! She is a must see she is awesome with Bling!!

Kreativ Award!

Thank you to the wonderful Marias at Marisa Nail Polish Blog  and Amber at I Love Nails for this award! They are two awesome bloggers! If you haven't been to them please check them out!

Versatile Award!

Duckie at Nail Project 2012 and  A Girl and Her Polish  passed this award to me! Thank you both so much! I enjoy their blogs so much! If you haven't been by to see them you should!