Monday, January 2, 2012

Platinum! A girls next best friend!

Hi All!

How was everyone's first Monday of the new year! Mine was good but busy busy! I have a project I have to get done! No I'm not procrastinating! I'm just enjoying the holidays! ha ha 
Today I'm going to show your the swatch of the base Color I used for the New Year Baby nails and the Christmas Holly nails!

This is Pure Ice - Platinum! This is a Gorgeous color! It is a shiny Silvery White color! It took 3 coats. This is a frosty color so I used really thin careful coats to help with brush strokes. I'm a thin painter anyways so that was easy for me. This Polish loves to put up surrounding colors. You can see it picking up the red in my shirt while I was taking them! I love this color it as so many possibilities! I hope you like it!


  1. Great color! Looks like it's begging to be stamped!!

  2. Nice...I wish I could find a white that looks good on me :(

  3. I am not a big fan of frosty colors, but I have this one and I like it, except for that 3-coats for opacity business! =P

  4. Happy New Year Kimberly!
    I was away from my laptop for 4 days and totally forgot to celebrate your guys new year! :)

    Also, you love this brand a lot, I guess. =)

  5. Oh, now THAT is lovely!!! :D Gorgeous!

  6. Thanks you guys!

    @Kaki I know it is such a pretty background color!

    @Jackie Oh I'm sure white would look good on on you under those great stamp you do!

    @Nailslikelace - I know frost are bad about brush strokes. I just try to be careful so at least the stroke look nice.

    @ Oh Miss Esra I've missed you! Happy New Year! I do like Pure Ice mainly because they have such pretty colors!

  7. I like it, and always find it funny when a polish pick up colors from the surroundings, makes me sratich my head when I edit photos, until I realize,l what's going on LOL
    But I agree, this begs for some kind of nail art... :)