Sunday, January 22, 2012

What a drag!

Hi All!

Hows everyone's weekend going? Gloomy here still and no sun! I know I'm not the only one that feels icky when the weather is icky! It's a book day with a snuggly blanket! Now to convince my son of that! =)

So, I'm trying something new for me! Needle Marbling Art! Drum Roll! 
I have seen this all over the web even watched Liquid Jellies tutorial ha ha she does make it look easy!  

So first I use Pure Ice - Platinum as the base coats. For the marbling I used WetnWild - Saved by the Blue. Then Pure Ice - Once Again to top it. And you need a Needle of any kind. I just used a pinning Pin for sewing.

The whole goal to this is keeping your polish wet! I have already put 2 nice coats of platinum on all my nails. 
I started with my thumb and put one thick coat of Platinum on the nail then a drop of Saved by the blue. This is where you need to work fast so it doesn't dry on you. I just started in the blue and dragged the needle  out in a design. sometime I would have to keep dragging the same path to pull more color out where I wanted it! You keep doing this till you feel its done. If you run out of color you can add another drop. But be careful to big of drops will spread and over take your nail. That's what happen on my thumb. To big of a drop and I had to work with this huge blob! I still think it turned out great! 
The issues I found with doing this is control of the needle and not wanting to tear up you nails at the same time. But this really comes with practice!

Then I painted the tips differently. I dunno I just didn't want a nice even french tip so they are all different. After I did all my nails I added the Glitter of Once again! I got some awesome shots of how the glitter sparkles. I love how this turned out! Each Nail is different and I got better, I think by the time I got to my pinky.
 What do you guys think?


  1. lovely colors, I like what you did whit the tips :-)

  2. This looks awesome! I do want to give this a try!

  3. this is so cool! i have seen it all over the internet too. This post makes me want to give it a go! Awesome combination! It turned out great! oh an i loveeee the tips :)

  4. this is so gorgeous! and I'm doing some book-blanket time myself too! :)

  5. Very nice indeed - I imagine it's a bit like painting with a dotting tool, because that is all about painting without pressing. I like it, and very nice color combo :)

  6. This is very cool and looks so fun! :D I like how you did the tips, too! :D
    The designs remind me of octopuses!

  7. Very pretty, the tips really completes the look!!

  8. You did great!!! Nice color combos, I am going to have to try this!

  9. Interesting. It is definitely different, and not something you can achieve with water marbling!! =)

  10. While I think this looks really cool, a different effect (more marble, less octopus ;) could be found if you did a drop or two of the blue, and a drop or two of the silver, and then marbled them together. I do really like what you did with the tips, and I'll keep that in mind for my own future efforts! :)