Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Night prowl - Glitter Badge!

Hi All!

Amber at Nail Like lace Thank You so much for passing this badge to me! I'm honored!

Here are the "rules":

- Acknowledge receipt of this award:

- Post a swatch of your favorite glitter polish:

To prove you're deserving, of course :)

- Pass this on to 4 more Glitterati.

This amazing sparkly beauty is Wet n Wild - Night prowl! This is 2 coats. The first coat was thin and streaky and I thought man I so love this color and it is gonna suck! But the second coat was amazing and just made it perfect. I wish I could have got the true radiant sparkle of this color! It has this fine small glitter with pinks and purples that float in the black tinted polish! It is just a dream!

I pass this wonderful badge to:


  1. Oooh, I always love purple sparkles!

  2. Congratulations!!! Thank you so much!!! :D I will post this badge with pride! :D
    Wow! That polish is so gorgeous!!!

  3. Pretty! I haven't seen that polish yet, but I like it!

  4. Thanks for the badge! I will post as soon as I can!!!

    Gorgeous wNw polish!!!

  5. Thanks All!! This is from Wet n Wild Wild Shine collection sorry I for got to add that.

  6. that polish looks gorgeous:)