Saturday, December 10, 2011

Top Ten Award!

Hi All!

Yesterday was My sons Birthday! YAY!
The other Great news is received 
The Top Ten Award !!
 Nails Like LaceArt Evolve and Nails and Stuff. Thank you guy's for thinking of me! You all are so Sweet and awesome!!

- Thank the person for whom you have received
the award and link to their blog
- Set the top 10 award image on your blog
- Make a list of your top 10 cosmetics
- Tag 10 other bloggers

1. Softlips lip balm
2. Olive oil for my hands
3. Revlon color makeup
4. Aveeno Body lotion
5. Aveeno Shampoo and Conditioner
6. Bath and Body shower gel
7. Eye liner
8. Brow liner
9. Sally Hansen Flawless top coat
10. Sleep

Here are my Top Ten pick!
This is always hard because I know We all have so many awesome blogs we love.

1. LovebeanGirl
2. Sekhmet's Purple Castle
3. Moondancerjen's Nails
4. Follow the Yellow Polish Road
5. ER-Nails
6. ChromaCraze
7. Base Coat Top Coat
8. Amy's Corner
9. Let's polish some nails
10.My World


  1. Wow! Thank you so much for the award!! You just made my day :)

  2. Congratulations :))
    Thank you for picking me :)

  3. Happy birthday ! to your son :-)

  4. Congrats and happy birthday, belatedly, to your boy!

  5. Happy Birthday son! I love how sleep is on your list!!

  6. Thanks everyone! I'm glad to pass it on! Thanks for the Birthday wish!

  7. thankyou thankyou this is amazing! happy birthday too!

  8. I've passed the award back to you! thanx again!