Saturday, December 10, 2011

I'm So Mad!!!

Hi All!

I'm so mad! ME and many many of you are having issues with our dashboard not working right! It doesn't show all of the blogs we follow all the time. We can't see All of our followers all the time. It's Craziness!! 
And on top of that At some point Google is getting rid of Friend connect ( the button we join blogs with) for non Blogger users. What that means is we can lose follower or maybe not the info on this is sketchy at best! But you can join Google + and start from scratch, It not clear yet if there is a way help import followers( probably not) and i'm not holding my breath! 
I'm sick of the issue so instead of complaining and nothing getting fixed. I started researching to fix it! I wish it was a one step fixes all  but its not. If you have a better option to what I've found please let me know!

First is I went to Bloglines as my new Blog Reader. I tried Blog loving and others But I like this one best! I don't need bells or whistle! I just want to read all the blogs I follow in one place with out issue. Problem with this is I wont count as a Follower.I don't have to join you to follow you. The fix to this is I still join with the friend connect join button(until they get rid of it or whatever the plan is). But I put everyone in my Bloglines Reader. 
Second is they I put many ways to join/follow my blog for my Reads. From google's friends connect to bloglovin. This way no matter what happens You my reader have options to follow me. If there is a way to join that I do not have a link to, Please let me know I will put it up. 
Third the number of followers I know a lot of you love the total number and I have not found a fix with that because there are So many way to follow ones blog. But you Can have your number if your using google friend connect, google +, Bloglovin and Networkedblog. Then add them up! But your still missing anyone using other readers. This doesn't bother me, Because as long as your Reading, I'm happy the number just isn't important.You guys still amaze me that you find me interesting enough to follow me. Thank You!
I hope I covered everything if not just ask. If I left anything out Please let me know that too! 
For Anyone that I might have neglected while I was having issue viewing blogs I follow, I'm sorry ! 


  1. I totally understand your madness! I just hate google for getting rid of GFC. This means that I will loose almost 500 followers.. I don't like to work with bloglovin'. My dashboard is working alright, but I'm still using the old editor because I didn't like the new look, maybe that's the problem. Well i'm thinking about posting something about this whole gfc thing too. It would be such a shame if all the bloggers will loose their followers. I tried Google+ by the way, but it's almost the same as facebook, I don't get the point of how we can follow each other blogs by using google+. I have to post something that I've wrote a new article, well I can do that on twitter or facebook as well, I don't need Google+ for that!

  2. I know it is awful! I didn't like bloglovin either that's why I start I just want to read my blog. It seems like that almost to much to ask!

  3. Goodness, this really sucks!!! I've been having problems with my dashboard too. Sigh. I really hope that it gets fixed and that they don't get rid of GFC. Grrrr!!!

  4. I sent you a nail polish tag. :D

  5. From my understanding Google Friend Connect is only going away for the non blogspot bloggers. If you use blogger/blogspot, you will not be affected.. BUT if you use other blogging sites such as word press you will not be able to use GFC

  6. Taking for an article "We’re retiring the service for all non-Blogger sites on March 1, 2012. We encourage affected sites to create a Google+ page and place a Google+ badge on their site so they can bring their community of followers to Google+ and use new features like Circles and Hangouts to keep in touch."

    Notice the "non-blogger sites" wording. We are on blogspot so we are not affected.

  7. Here is the article

  8. I think imfeelingnail-venturous is right.

    And thank you for all your nice comments :-)

  9. I said that in my Blog about non-Blogger users. This doesn't effect you it effects your followers That do not use blogger. Followers like wordpress or just people that don't blog just read blogs with friend connect. The goal is to get people to restructure in google+. I'm Just being proactive to what will come. And giving my followers many ways to follow me. My whole point to this was really that I cant read my blog I follow due to issue in the dashboard. I got tired of waiting for it to be fixed and fixed myself. By taking google/blogger out of it and using another reader. So no matter what happens I can still read my blogs.

  10. They have everything so screwed up! To hopefully brighten your day a little.... I am tagging you for a blog badge. I will have a post about it tomorrow morning! =)