Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pink by any other Name!

Hi All!

Good Morning!  It's gonna be another wild shopping day! Unless your the lucky few that are finished shopping for Christmas! hehe I am! YAY me! 
So This is NYC - Classic Coral. It is a pretty sheer sparkly pink! I love NYC colors, I'm just not always happy how they apply. This is 3 coats Its thin but builds well! On its own it shimmers and shines. Look how awesome it look on the nail! How could I give up on such a beautiful color! The pictures are kinda fuzzy. I honesty think the sparkles freaked out my camera! At The bottom I Put the comparison for Nails Like Lace!  =)

Coral is more on the pink side Vineyard is on the red side. Coral is also more sparkly, thou Vineyard  is sparkly but just not as pronounced. Both are gorgeous colors!

        VineYard          Classic Coral                                                  


  1. I love the shimmer, it's kind of frosty in it's finish, gorgeous :)

  2. Thanks! =D I think I like Classic Coral better because it's less red. I actually just got Classic Coral a few days ago and just did a mani with it that'll post tomorrow. =P Mine only took 2 coats to cover though. :/ Granted, they were pretty thick coats. It is a really pretty color, nonetheless!!

  3. It's also so pretty, I love how sparkly it is.

  4. Great colors!

    BTW I tagged you with a badge. If you're interested you can get it at

  5. Thanks You all!

    @Nailslikelace I can't wait to see it!!!

    @kaki Thanks you so much!! What an awesome way to start my day!!