Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Polished Manicure!

Hi All!

I hope Everyone had the very best holiday ever! Mine was awesome! Enjoyed the downtime with family!You will see I cut my nails down!! Don't panic! I did this, do to my son getting a violin. So to help him, I needed shorter nails for as long as needed. I might seem sad about the nails but I'm so happy about my son learning the violin! Things we do for our kids right!

The next most awesome thing is that I Won Esra  from Oje Sihirbaz─▒ (Wizard of Polish) 100 follower Giveaway! And they came on December 24th. How cool was that! They are all so beautiful!! 
Thank you Esra!

Here are the beauties!

Claire's 48 (Grey)
Claire's 72 (Pink
Claire's 46 (Teal)
Claire's 14 (purple)
Rimmel 185 Mocha Fever 
Rimmel 198 Azure
Pastel 704 (Crackle polish) 
Flormar U06 (From Miracle Colors Collection)
Golden Rose 05 (Matte Nail Lacquer red)
Golden Rose 10 (Matte Nail Lacquer blue)

This is the simple French main I did with Golden Rose 5 and 10. Then added a glitter top coat of Wet n Wild - Kaleidoscope. I love this look. The dark red and blue are so pretty ! The light coat of glitter just makes it stand out! I hope you all like!


  1. You got some beautiful polish's! Also I love the mani :)

  2. Congratulations to you and your son!

    I dread the day I have to cut my nails down, lol.

  3. Congratulations, you won great stuff :) I am glad because of your son, hope he learns it soon :)
    And I love the mani, looks really elegant and classy :)

  4. Yay! Congrats on the win! LOVING the tipped mani *drools*

  5. Congratulations! And your mani looks great. :)

  6. Beautiful manicure! :D Congratulations!! What a great prize! :D That is so awesome that your son is learning violin!! :D Such a beautiful instrument. I'm glad that you had a wonderful Christmas. :)

  7. Congratulations on winning!. You will have lots of fun putting more manicures together. Beautiful manicure too. hugs*

  8. It looks Fourth of July-ish! I like it!! :)

  9. Your son is lucky to have you as a Mom :)
    And it is a nice mani too :)

  10. hey lovely blog u have!! i admire u soo much for cutting ur nails for ur son!! <3

  11. and congrats on winning the giveaway!!

  12. Thank You all! I love the polishes! I love my nails. I love my son more then both! I love the violin! SO I was SO happy when that's what he decided to play!! Better cut nails then cut string in the face!

  13. This is so awesome!! I really love it!

  14. aww! I'm so glad that you like the polishes! and about your son playing violin, such an incredible choice! It's great that you cut your nails in order to help him! lovely. =)

  15. waw lovely polishes!
    Your nails look great!

  16. It's such an odd combo but it's so good together I love it, congrats on your winnings!

  17. Thanks you all! I love these! The violin is alot of hand work but so pretty!