Friday, December 2, 2011

The box!

Hi All

It is Friday! Hope your ready for the weekend! 
So today I have something a bit different! 
I have a box! Just a plain box! 

But when I'm done! I have a pretty Box!

This is one of my favorite Crafts for a few reason! The Biggest reason is it is a kids friendly craft. I'm not sure how many of you have kids. But it is sit down craft for you and them. Plus it is a craft that they can have at it and be as creative as they want! With little to no instruction. The next reason is its fun! And the next reason is that you and your kids can take any box with a lid paint it up and use it for things you want or gift it instead of wrapping stuff.

I used just plain old acrylic paint. I picked yellow. I do recommend if you use light colors for the base you prime the box with white if there anything dark on the box. Paint the top and bottom of the box. You can paint the insides to if you want! Then you paint.draw glue of paste you way to a beautiful Box! 

I just did some squiggely flower interweave things in the 4 colors. I'm using this for odds and ends my nails so i wrote nail in each color too. Nothing to hard that anyone can do!
I used Neon colors and the put a clear crystal sparkle over to give it that sparkle I love!

Don't you just love how it glows!!

Oh my son wanted his box on here. He was so proud of it. Funny thing is I normally can't get him to craft a lot with me. But this! He is hunting down boxes to paint!  The top look if but he used glow in the dark paint so it look awesome in the dark! And lots of glitter paint!


  1. How cute, good idea...I will tell my daughter , who is a teacher. She may want to use this idea!!!

  2. What a great idea!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Did you freehand the words and the scroll work? That is really pretty! Unfortunately, if a box comes into my house, my cats are drawn to it like magnets! But I do love crafts, so I might have to go steal one of theirs sometime! =P

  4. i think little Nate will be having something different to do this wknd. :) great idea.

  5. Thanks everyone!

    @Jackie This would be great for school kids too. My son has use the kid safe water paint too! I have many bottle of it! Now he old enough not to eat paint!

    @Scars Like Lace Yes it all free hand! It took me about 2 weeks to finish. The colors were so bright it hurt my eyes and I would have to put it down. I went on line and found a goth Calligraphy that i liked and practiced it ( I cheated! only the letters I wanted to use)with pen till I was good enough to paint it!=)

    @Lydz Nate will love it! You might never have a free shoe box again!

  6. Oh my gosh your son's box is sooo cute!! XD Your box is very pretty!! Great craft idea. I love crafts! XD

  7. super cute craft and how awesome to recycle boxes and use them, both boxes came out really nice it's so cute that your son is all looking for more boxes.

  8. Totally fun! New follower here.

  9. Thanks, It one of my favorite projects!

    @Ashesela My son so proud of it! I love crafts too! Sometime its amazing I finish anything with all I start!

    @Beauxs He is beaming and box hunting. I told him this is not becoming his box blog!

    @Kaki I'm so happy your following! Thank you!

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  11. your sons box is so cute! and what a great idea! i may have to try this for my self soon!