Thursday, October 6, 2011

Teal anyone!

Hello everyone!
 I had time to do my nails in the daytime.Woo Whoo!
 Today's color is NYC in a minute quick dry - 206 East Village.
I saw this and loved the color. This is really really sheer and thin when applied. It not streaky but it doesn't seem to cover equally leaving a bald spot here and there. But it is smooth and glides easy over the nail. Oh I so love this brush! I love it so much I almost forgive its sheer flaw.

Here is the brush its flat and square. Love it!

So after the Second coat I decided to show you how this polish build. I knew it would take awhile. So please don't mind the mess.

Coat 3

 Coat 4 
Still see through thou the shine helps cover it up.
Coat 5  
Its not totally opaque but this coat seems to complete it. I didn't think another coat would help or hurt the look. I do like the color. But it is alot of coat for my taste.

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