Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Melon Flowers

Hi All!

Wow! Today has been such an exciting day with the Liebster Awards. Giving and receiving is so much fun! 
So Nails Nails Nails! I was kinda stuck on what to do with this color. So, I started to piddle and this is what I came up with. It kinda looks like a old fashion flower wall paper! I think it turned out really great !
I used NYC - Times Square Tangerine cream and Black acrylic paint.


  1. It's very different I really like it, is it easier to draw with acrylic paint than polish?

  2. I wouldn't say easier per-say. Acrylics are like polishes some thinner some thicker. I find polishes dries to fast for me. One drop of acrylic will do all my nails. Where I might have to 3 to 7 drops or more of polish. I really hate wasting my polishes. There are time I do use polishes too. I'm a believer that everything I can use is game in the world of creativity. :)

  3. Sometimes randomness turns out the best designs! Very cute!! =)

  4. These are so awesome! Very unique and original! I like them alot!

  5. Thanks you guys. I was so happy how they turned out!