Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Purple Day!

Hey Everyone!
Well today I picked up NYC (New York Color) polishes.
I have never use this brand before so I was quite exited!

 NYC - Purple Pizzazz Frost 3 coats

When applying the first coat I found it thin and very streaky. The brush didn't fan as much as I like, and also felt like it was sticking not a smooth guild down the nail. With the second coat it almost felt globy and to thick (like old polish) and still streaky. I Had to do a third coat to clean up the splotchiness left. The third coat did the trick and it leveled out nicely. I really do not like the polish formal and hope the rest are not like this. However, I do love this color! Its hard to tell in the pictures but it a beautiful purple - blue hue depending how it hits the light. You can also so see glints of pink in the purple as it moves. It also give a deep purple or a deep blue when it out of the light. There is not a top coat on. It is that shiny by it's self.  I love shine! I picked this up for a dollar so i'm not so upset and still love the color.

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