Friday, October 14, 2011


Hey Everyone!

NYC - 105 Starry Silver Glitter
I loved this when I first saw it and had to have it. It is so clear looking and the big blue glitter just seems to be suspended in a starry multi-colored background. It applies smoothly and slowly build the blue glitter. But the background small crystal glitter build up faster so it keep the suspended look. I  used 4 coats because I didnt want  a base color. I like the sheer coverage of the nail. I think it would be amazing on other colors too. I might swatch that. hmm : )


  1. I have this, but it's still in my untried bin...looks good!

  2. Thanks. I couldn't help myself had to have it.

  3. This looks pretty on your long nails!

  4. Thank you! One's playing catch up. I hate punishing all the other nails for one bad behavior. : )