Monday, November 28, 2011

Puff the Flower!

Hi All!

I hope everyone had a great Monday! It's a rainy mess here. But I have really EXCITING News! I won a giveaway from the Fabulous Ms. Esra of  Oje Sihirbazı (Wizard of Polish)! She also part of the Don't touch my cupcake! revolution against blog bullies! I'm so Proud of her and fellow blogger. So pop over there and read the whole story!

To brighten up this rain..... I needed a flower with some puff!  The base coat is Sally Hansen - Coral Kisses and acrylic for the rest. Then one coat of NYC - Starry Silver Glitter. It is really easy. You just start in one corner of your nail. Add lines and and a few dots! I know the pictures are horrible!! Trying to get good light was crazy!
I think these are so cute. I feel like they puff up and start to float away! Like I wish this rain would! I hope you all like it!


  1. Congratulations!! I'm so glad you won! :D I'm looking forward to seeing what manicures you come up with with your new polishes. ^-^

    Your nails are really fun, and great tutorial!

  2. these are pretty! :) it does make me think of blowing them away! adorable! great job Kimberly! and Congrats on winning!! <3 hugs!

  3. this is cute, I love the base color!

    btw, I'm gonna ship your goodies tomorrow morning and inform you with an e-mail tomorrow!


  4. Fun mani! I had not heard of the cupcake thing ... will have to go read up now.

  5. That is a gorgeous background color! You should used puffy paints instead of acrylics for some extra puffiness! =P

  6. That's an awesome idea! I don't have any. Shopping list!

  7. Congrats! cute mani too!