Friday, November 25, 2011

Deck the hall's!

Hi All!

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! 
I'm having trouble with my dashboard not showing everyone's post! It's crazy sometime post are there sometimes their not. Anyone else have this problem? I try to keep up with everyone but if I miss you I'll find you at some point.
I was back to piddling and this is what I came up with! I used Nina Ultra Pro- Rasberri, Sparkle Pure Ice - Black Rage and green acrylic paint. This kinda reminds me of a going up stairs. I think its cute and really like the the colors.


  1. I also love to use green and black together. =) this is really nice.

  2. I have been having some problems too. I'll follow a blog, and then it's not on my list at all. I have to go back and follow them again for it to work. Also, strangely just with your blog, it keeps disappearing from my dashboard. I follow you, you're on my dashboard and everything, and later you're not there. I'll come here by typing the URL and click to follow you again and it says I am already following, but you're just randomly not on my dashboard sometimes! Idk what the deal is, but Blogger needs to fix it!!! =P

    Besides all that... I like your nails. Kind of reminds me of the watermelon look, though! =D

  3. I have been having some problems with my Blogspot account too. :( I hope that yours gets fixed soon!

    These nails are great! They remind me of a banister on a stairwell that is decorated for Christmas with green garlands and pink ornaments (with pink wallpaper in the background ^-^). Very fun!!

  4. Thanks you all!

    Yea just about all the people i talk with is having some sort of dashboard issue. Hope they fix it.