Tuesday, November 15, 2011

No Names!

Hi All!

Hope everyone is have a good start to the week! Me not so much. Not only has it been rainy I broke a nail. I never crack or chip my nails that would be to easy. Me, I like to just rip them all the way off to the quick or just hanging by a tiny thread that I have to pull off to add to the insult. This time the attacker was a big box I was moving. It slipped taking my nail with it. So, in retaliation I cut them all down a bit so they didn't look to odd. But not to far down!

Today I Have my No Name collection. 4 Pretty polishes no one cared enough about to name! I received these  for Christmas or something awhile back. They came in a gift pack with make-up. You know those sets that make it easy for people to give a gift. So, I have no clue who these are by but they deserve to be noticed because I love them.

First - is this lovely 2 coat lavender that give off the prettiest pinkish gold shimmer! I could not do it justice with my camera.

Second - This light golden tan beauty is 3 coats. It is a sheer color that like to shine. I love the brushes on these guys. 

Third - This beauty looks like Dark Chocolate in only 2 coats. I am so in love with this color. 

Fourth - This Magenta colored red. I know it looks more red then pinkish but its not. Trust me it's so pretty but it is super thin. So, less is more to keep it from flooding .


  1. first of all, your nails look gorgeous! =)

    secondly, I also fell in love with dark chocolate too, lavender is really good too though.

  2. Those are all pretty colors! I think the chocolate brown is my favorite!

  3. Awww Esra That's so nice of you to say! Yea, I have to agree with you both dark chocolate is Awesome!

  4. I really really like the dark chocolate one. It's so pretty!

  5. Me too Sandra! I wish I knew who made it!