Saturday, February 4, 2012

X&D Lizard Crack Pattern Nail Polish!

Everbella Review Day!

Hi All!

Today I am reviewing Lizard Crack Pattern Nail Polish set. That I received form the the wonderful Florence at The Everbella Nail & Beauty Supply

The set includes a X&D Lizard Crackle polish (of your choice), 1x Base Coat, and a Mini Polish - either White, black, silver, pink, purple

My set has a top coat and Pink frosty polish and a teal crakle! At first look I think the bottles are cute.
I used the top coat as the base coat. It is a thin and not super shiny with a small brush to go with the small bottle. I found it easy to apply, both with the brush and formula. Drying was super fast.

Then I used the Pink polish! The first thing I notice it that it was very thick and tacky. Secondly it smell like spray paint but it then kinda turn into a sweet  scent that isn't so unpleasant. It was kinda wierd. But I was really surprized how well it applied. Being that it is under crackle one coat could have worked. It is inbetween sheer and opaque. So, I did two coats for a total opaquness. It was very tacky during drying and took a little more then 10 minutes.  In the end I think the pink was just as pretty on the nail as it was in the bottle.
The X&D Crackle Is a pretty dark Teal. It also smells like the pink polish. It was a little cake-y around the inside of the bottle. I just scraped around it with my brush and shook it really well and that seemed to fix it. It has a wide brush. Which is very nice and applies the formula  nicely. People that like wide brushes will love this one. I have small nails and thou I like wide brushes it means clean up for me! The formula wasn't to thin and applied lovely. When it dries it has a lighter color and a matte look to it. 

Everbella Nail & Beauty Supply has a video on how to apply the crackle. Which I find every helpful for people that need a visaul. In the video they use a nail tip and apply the crackle on top of a polish, like we normally do from cuticle down to tip. Then they apply it side to side down to the tip. I did this and find it is a lot easier to do this neatly on a nail tip then an actual nail. You just have to be careful not to touch the nail walls. If you have more of a C curve, then it's a bit harder to catch most of the edge with out touching.
Then I applied their top coat. It darkened up the crackle and gave it a nice shine. I tried pictures everywhere and just could get it to show the green teal it is. Thou it is dark, there is a lot more color to it in real life. I actually like This crackle both without a top coat and with. It give you two different looks for this color of crackle.
If you know me! You know I love crackles! So, I was really happy with how these cracked. But the real test was how it worked on my polishes and top coat. I painted each finger with a different color but my ring finger I just left the top coat. (don't notice the staining) =)
I used All Pure Ice. Thumb to pinky - New Lilac, Wild Thing, Splash, Top Coat, Excuse Me.
This is before I added the top coat. I Really like how this looks. It is not so dark and has a nice matte look.
 This is after I added the top coat. Still love the look with the darker shininess! I love how well it worked using my polish!
A Few Tips:
1. Applying light the coats of crackle, the thinner and and more broken up the crackle will crack. Like on my pinky.
2. The thicker the coats, the bigger the blocks of crackle will be. Like on my thumb.
3. Applying the crackle side to side over the up and down will break up the crackle more in little blocks. Like on my Index and middle fingers.
4. the thinner the side to side swipes( almost to bald spotting) will give you more fine cracking. Like on my index and middle fingers.

All in All I really like how the X&D Lizard Crackle polish Cracks! The cracks are well defined and break up nicely over all the nail.It has been one on the best I have used thus far. 

You can find over 30 crackle colors at Everbella Nail & Beauty Supply. They are only $4.99. I know that is cheaper then Sally Hansen's crackle at Walmart for 6 bucks. And you do not get a mini top coat or polish. 

Plus you can use my code  and get 10% off at Everbella Nail & Beauty Supply.  rdrs4849nailreflections

You can also check out the Everbella Blog and Everbella Facebook to keep up one what is new and giveaways!


  1. looks great! also love the color!

  2. Can't believe I'm about to say this about crackle, But I actually like this!

    I'm not regularly a crackle fan, but I love how this crackles in a "block" manner. Gorgeous!

    1. That's Great! I was so impressed with this ceackle polish!

  3. nice review, thats a good deal and its a very nice crackle polish.

    1. Thank you! I think so when you start comparing to others and who well they crack!

  4. I'm not a huge crackle fan, but this teal is a gorgeous color and it crackles very well...

  5. I really like that bottle for the pink polish! :D So cute!! XD Lovely colour too. I'm not a huge fan of crackle polish, but as stated above in another comment, I like how this polish crackles in bigger chunks than the really thin stringy crackles that are out there. Great review!

    1. Ashesela!!*hug* It's so good to see you out and about posting! Thank you!

  6. This is a really pretty teal color! I like it a lot, actually!! ^.^

  7. I'm also getting a cracklepolish soon! I'm really looking forward to it!

  8. I'm also getting a cracklepolish soon! I'm really looking forward to it!

  9. I really like that crackle. Such a pretty shade of teal.

  10. Ohhh, this looks like a really good crackle. I love the color and the way it looks!