Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sweet Heart!

Hi All! 

Online Nail Bar Review Day!

Carrie at Online Nail Bar sent me some really cute nail stickers to try! 
The first sheet is little flowers and little comma looking things. There are about 100 stickers. I kept losing count but got to 100. =) These were so easy to get off and work with. I didn't have any lifting they sealed great to the nail.

The second sheet is bows and hearts. There are 35 on this sheet. These were just as easy to remove. But I had a bit of trouble keeping them to lay on the a curve. So I put a small amount of clear coat under the lifting part and held it down with a orange wood stick. Then clear coated them.

For this super sweet mani I used Pure Ice - Once again for the base coat and pink and white acrylics for the tips.
From the Bow sheet I used the single hearts and bows on each tip.
From the flower sheet I used the white and purple-ish flowers in each top right corner of my nails. 
Two of the flower stickers in each corner on my thumb.
I love the how this sparkles! The white tips just makes the bows and heart pops out! I find this mani so beautiful! It could be for Valentines Day or a Wedding it is so sweet!

All in all I like the sticker they are very pretty! You can get them at Online Nail Bar for £1.25 GBP.  So, 1 Pound = 1.59 USD at the moment so it should be about 2 bucks. 

You can also get 20 plates for £19.00 GBP.  Get this amazing deal on Stamping Plates!
1st Set of 10 Nail Art Image Stamping Plates
These are Great for someone wanting to start stamping! I know plates can get expensive! So check them out !


  1. They are really cute - I have stickers, but never really got around to use them...

    1. Thank you!! You should try! For me its just another medium for art!

  2. These are quite pretty! :D Great review!

  3. So cute, both the stickers an the mani :)

  4. I've never seen that Pure ICE but it is really gorgeous! This is an adorable look! =)

    1. Thank you! Oh i love pure ice once again! its a sheer blue glitter but it and work with alot of colors!

  5. This is such a cute nail design!!!

  6. Lovee this!! Awesome mani!! The stickers are so cute