Friday, September 30, 2011

Tip 1

My first tip is one of my biggest pet- peeves!  When I see people abusing their nails this way it make want to snatch them up and take their nails away. It’s the horrifying Nail File....cringe!!

If you wear your nails natural this is a must for you.  If your nails peel or get snags for what seems like no reason, this is for you.   Acrylic and overlays users can also use this tip as well.  I have watched people just saw away at their nails with any file they pick up.  I know some files are so cute!  With the pictures or designs on them.  Some even have great shapes and colors that you just can not pass up!  I get it, we nail people are drawn to anything that catches our eye.  But please put them all down.

You’re probably thinking that it is the sawing back n forth motion people use that kills me.  It’s not, although that is not good for your nails either.  Cut your nails down to the size you want with clippers.  Then a nice clean sweep one way to your desired shape is the best.  Instead of you acting like you’re trying to cut tough meat. That is not what makes me cringe, because that is secondary damage.  The major abuse has already happened. 

Have you ever noticed that most files have two sides?  On one side a coarse grit and the other with a smoother feeling grit.  The coarse side is meant to cut down your nail length and shape faster.  The problem with this is that while cutting down faster it deeply breaks and frays the fibers of your nail. Once you get the length and shape with the coarser side then you might swap to the smother side for just a few swipes and your done!  These nail fibers around the outside edge of your nails that were once bound tightly together are now all a fray and broken.  The more the coarse grit breaks and rips in to these fibers the more your nail can peel and snag.  These rips and breaks, first off weakens your nails structure making them more flexible.  Secondly, these rips and breaks allow dirt, moisture and/or water (for those of us that do dishes by hand still) which help separate these fibers even more.  So peeling and snags now have a best friend to help them to continue to plague your nails.

So, get rid of your coarse files!  And let’s go shopping for the finest grit files you can find.  The finer the grit the smaller the breaks and rips to your nail fibers.  This gives your nails edge a smoother tighter finish within the fibers, even though you might not see it.  This helps the fibers to stay tighter together with less fraying damage.  With less damage there are fewer openings for dirt and moisture to get in and weaken your nails structure.  This will help if and may eliminate peeling and snags for most nails.  This is conditioning for your nail at the most basic and important level of care.

If you have said you have tried everything and have not tried this yet start it now.  It may take a little more then one filing to notice anything.   It kinda depends on the damage that you’re starting with.   You may have to be patient till the damage grows out enough.  

If you are having a hard time finding fine files or knowing what to looking for here you go.

1. To the touch the smoother or silkier it feels the finer the grit. I tend to find that buffing system files have an ok Fine grit. How do you think they get your nails to shine so pretty??  

2. Go to “THE MAN STORE”.   Ask where they have their sand paper at and start shopping.  You might find this to seem expensive because you’re buying sheets of sand paper.  But, here is how to make it turn into pennies.  You can take an old file you have or cut a shape out of a hard thin piece of foam you get in packing or at the hobby store.  Trace the piece on the back side of the sand paper.   Cut it out with old scissors (so not to ruin sharp ones) and glue the paper to your piece and let it dry.
I hope this helps.  Let me know!

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