Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My first Post!

Wow!  My Very first blog. I can only top that with my first post!

I find this so exciting! I have been thinking all day on how to start posting to everyone. Then it hit me I'm really just talking to myself right now! So no stress! Right....

I love everything about Nails... They are a blank canvas for my many creative sparks. But it never crossed my mind to blog about it. Until a few weeks ago my son wanted to start his own blog.. which made me cringe ( he is only 11). So I started researching blogging for him. So to help him I though  i would start my own. Seeing how he is still at the age where he likes me. He thought it was So Cool that we would be able to blog together. I know I'm A sap for him, because I think its So Cool too!

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