Thursday, May 10, 2012

Back with bad nails!

Hi All

I'm Sorry I have been away soooo long! First we had Spring break. Then I caught or attracted or acquired this nasty sinus infection that has just over taken my life and wont let go. Thou out of this I fell in love! Amazing I know right! Me and Nyquil will be together forever. 
I'm feeling lots better but it still stalking me! So in-between sniffing and coughing I'm going to catch up on everything I had planned on posting before I got sick.

On top of everything else they have change the format of blogger! So I have to figure out the changes so far i'm not to fond of them. 

For everyone that have sent me emails Thank you! It was so sweet of everyone of you guys to check on me! 

So I haven't even touched my nail since I got sick! I know it is horrible! I will understand if you remove children from the room and turn your head at the sight!
This was the last mani I did before got sick, i'll post that tommorrow! 
Sorry again for being gone! 
I have really missed you all!!!


  1. I missed you too - and I really hope you beat that sinus problem...
    You'll get used to the new interface, it's actually quite nice, I think :)

  2. Gorgeous nails!! I hope that you are feeling better!! Must get well soon!! *huggles*

  3. I love the blue/purple gradient! This is really pretty! Hope you're feeling 100% better soon! ^.^

  4. Glad you are better and back!! There has been some nasty stuff going around here too that leads to sinus got me :(

  5. Thanks you guys! Poor Jackie! I feel for you! I wouldn't wish this on anyone!

  6. Glad to see you back!!! hope you feel better soon! :) Many hugs!!